a Couple of young Dutch people than themselves and when they won in ‘spookrijden’ were on a highway near the city of Utrecht We. The driver of the car, let’s drive over to the driver, while the car crept up. This is caused not only outrage on social media, but also by any other person. The man pleads with his comrades, in vain, to return, and while he was in their irresponsible behavior to follow. “It is you who will do anything for Snapchat”, you hear it in the video.

“I want to have a gas!”, someone shouts at the beginning of the image, which is on the Dutch website Dumpert have been published. The concerned passenger that it’s a dangerous scene was filmed to get a few times to be told that he is his “mouth” needs to keep in mind if he and his friends are a reminder that he is not dead yet, wants to. After a long struggle, he manages to get his friends to talk to, and after, the director returned to his place behind the wheel, though.

“at Least someone is in the car, which is a bit of a decent following you can think of it”, answered someone’s at the Dumpert, where the video has a lot of negative reactions are provoked. “Unfortunately, he’s not behind the wheel.” It is not clear whether the Dutch police are at the height of the images, and to take action to make the driver and / or passengers on the tracks.

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