It is now known that Anderlecht will be on the loser’s. In the competition, is the purple-and-white, and after nine days with less than 6 points. The sentences as to what to do, did the Inhabitants of brussels on Monday with a practice game against Roeselare. And he won it 5-1.

you can .The crisis in the RSC Anderlecht is for the fans, it is enough: “Trust The Process? You can’t continue to talk to”).

.The staggering numbers behind the crisis-at Anderlecht: it’s not just the 6 on the 27th.

Michel, Vlap has scored twice against the club, 1B, and recently, but neteen bankruptcy could be avoided. Also, Isaac Thelin,Alexandru Chipciu and Yaya Guindo, have made the nets tremble.

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The lack of a 16-year-old Guindo experienced it and so have a great day. The rush of this season and have already passed on to the U17 and the U19, to the promises made. He will be playing for a few years in football, he was primarily active as pleintjesvoetballer’. Guindo scores in August, a couple of times at the promises of the OHL, and also played for the Belgium U16.

More about RSC Anderlecht, Adrien Trebel, it denies a lot of discussion on Anderlecht: “If the coach is calling on me to do so, I present a” facility news. Trebel is not go for you to play, Plastun, but with a protective mask, Aad de Mos wants to be rid of Kompany, the other ex-players or coaches to give a less drastic opinion, for the sick and Anderlecht COMMENTARY. If, Anderlecht, Kompany, nevertheless blindly continue to follow, as they say, perhaps it is better that nine is enough