The Antwerp-based ISIS fighter Abdellah Nouamane, is sitting in a cell in Syria”. He will go through the initiated to recognize at a movie in a prison for the Kurds, turned to be, to write The News in The Morning on Friday.

The images were filmed by a journalist from the American channel CBS. That is a man that says he’s from Belgium.

The man has been through a variety of sources identified as Abdellah Nouamane, a former activist of Shariah4Belgium in Antwerp, belgium, who in 2013 moved to the front of the other. There, he grew to become one of the most famous Belgian of the fighters, especially since he is a “declaration of war” to the address of the country in question. “Everything in Belgium is in the air,” said he, in August, 2015 will be a geluidsboodschap. “Libraries, schools, hospitals, etc… We do not take account of more innocent people.”

The 24-year-old Nouamane, or “Abu Jihad, ” Al-Belgiki” it was a number of times will be dead, but in march, it became clear to me that he was still alive.
More about the Syriëstrijders He threatened ISIS prisoners at europe’s borders: “We don’t want to have to pay for the” cost “We may not have a new generation of jihadi’s are being raised in Syria,” Jejoen Bontinck (24), and then tried in vain to rename: “he said He wanted to have a fresh start in life,” Belgium’s “executioner of Raqqa” captured in Syria