Since the beginning of 2023, many products have been subject to recalls. RappelConso, responsible for relaying the products considered non-compliant by the signs, presents these reminders for all the shelves available in the supermarkets. But, how many were filed in 2023? According to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, 1,238 foodstuffs have been pinned. In the month of May 2023 alone, 116 products are concerned. For the beginning of June, there are already 148.

The departments most affected by this type of recall are those of food and automotive. Indeed, for food products, 924 are recorded over the year and 130 over the month of June 2023. Two families are particularly returning to the RappelConso site. These are milk and other dairy products with 194 cases reported in 2023 and meat which accounted for 203 prefectural orders in 2023, including 53 in June. Among these 53 meats, 15 correspond to sausages. Discover in our slideshow below the references concerned.

On June 16, 2023, the Rappel Conso site reported on the Listeria contamination of many sausages. Indeed, all would present traces of this agent responsible for listeriosis. If you have one of the lots shown in the slideshow, throw it away. You can also return the product to the point of sale and get a refund. If you have already consumed it and experience symptoms such as headache, fever and body aches, contact your doctor.

All the sausages affected by this new recall are available on the shelves of your supermarkets. The pinned brands are Auchan, Netto, Leclerc, Système U, U express, Carrefour, but also Intermarché. These charcuteries are sold in all French departments. See our slideshow below for matching bundles.