Summer vacation 2022 could cost more than usual. With the good weather, it is difficult to resist a good ice cream, especially with the strong heat and heatwaves. Flagship product of the summer, ice cream will be much more expensive this summer compared to previous years. Indeed, it has not escaped the inflation that has currently hit the whole of France for a few months. Many products have seen an increase, which affects the final price. Bruno Aïm, president of the National Confederation of Glaciers of France, returned to this increase in Le Figaro: “Raspberries have increased by 70% in recent months, eggs by 60%. As for the stabilizations that give texture to the ice cream, we used to buy it between 15 and 18 euros per kilo, whereas we are now between 45 and 55 euros per kilo. A more than spectacular increase for this very popular sector in summer and which relies on this summer period to make a significant figure.

The increase in raw materials comes on top of the increase in gas and electricity: “We all have boilers, so as to pasteurize sorbet ice cream” explained Bruno Aïm, who claims to pay “1000 euros in more electricity per month” because of his equipment.

With the heat waves that have been hitting France since the start of the summer, the ice cream should still experience the expected success. However, holidaymakers will face higher prices than usual, especially in seaside areas: “By the sea, it should be rare to find a 2.50 euro scoop from an artisan ice cream parlor. We will rather be around 3 euros, ”confirmed Bruno Aïm. Seaside artisans are not the only ones suffering from inflation. Indeed, industrial ice cream sold in supermarkets should undergo a similar increase.