In recent months, many massive recalls on food or household products have been reported. The Rappel Conso site is responsible for alerting the French to products presenting a potential health hazard. Managed by three ministries, the Ministry of Agriculture, Economy and Ecological Transition, the site alerts on products of different characteristics. Thus, we find there:

For each product recalled, the site presents the characteristics of the product, the batches concerned, but above all the reasons for this recall.

On March 7, it was the turn of several batches of oranges sold by different brands. Indeed, Rappel Conso publishes a massive recall on contaminated oranges and sold throughout the territory. These are oranges contaminated with a pesticide banned in France. Chlorypyrifos is no longer authorized in the European Union since the implementing regulation erected in 2005. Other chemical contaminants also pose a risk to the consumer.

This recall concerns the Orange Maltese Tunisia product sold by the Orsero brand, bulk.

The lots concerned are lots 73967.B11; 74158.B13; 74994.B16; 75293.B17; AM31.041.B10; AM31.042.B11; AM32.041.B10 for item code 3254560413245.

Lots AM31.011.A11; AM32.041.B10; AM32.044.B13; AM32.045.B14 are concerned for article code 3605265023763.

This recall includes 1.5 kg and 2 kg nets as well as 15 kg bulk boxes. It concerns products marketed between February 10 and February 20. The recall procedure ends on March 19, 2023.

If you have bought any, Rappel Conso recommends that you no longer consume them, bring the product back to the store, or destroy it. A refund would be provided as compensation. If you have any doubts, you can contact the following number for more information: 0624476294.

Consult our slideshow below to find out about the brands concerned.