Difficult, in full inflationary period, to save money. And yet! There are sometimes a few solutions to make the bill less heavy when it comes to checkout. Some, when it comes to preserving their purchasing power, go through savings. This is not always a good idea, since a large number of investments will not be enough to fight the rise in prices: their real rate of return is negative. They therefore only generate a shortfall, sometimes very substantial. This is particularly the case of Livret A, which French women and men appreciate so much…

In France, inflation should settle permanently above 6.5% by the end of the year, informs the daily Les Echos on its site. What the executive did not fail to understand, given the many devices put in place to protect the standard of living of everyone. Retirees, who should soon benefit from a significant increase in their general pension, know something about it. But they are not the only ones ! Road users could also be entitled to a boost.

These purchasing power support measures in fact minimize the impact of inflation on the household budget, continue our colleagues. In addition, they should in theory be accompanied by a wage dynamic – it is likely that the remuneration of workers will rise in the coming months – which will increase the degree of protection enjoyed by the French.

In total, estimates the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee), the average loss of purchasing power, in 2022, is estimated at 1% over the year. It could perhaps fall a little lower for those who pay attention to the products they buy. Did you know ? A number of goods have seen their prices fall since the start of inflation… The list in our slideshow, at the end of this article.