Girl in Iran, beheaded – The honour killing, the law, history writing could beperformed by a Teenager elopes with an older man. The Pair is taken and Romina Ashrafi by her father murdered. The case has moved many people. Even the Establishment now sees a need for action.Moritz Baumstieger1 Kommentar1Sie died, because her father said, to the honor of his family restore: Romina Ashrafi.Photo: PD

The killer of Romina Ashrafi came at night, as she slept, and she knew him well: He was her father. As the man turned to his act last Thursday in the North of Iran to a police station himself, he held still the bloody sickle in Hand, with which he had beheaded his daughter in his sleep. So reports local media.

Romina Ashrafi 13 was, according to other information 14 years old. She died, because her father said, to the honor of his family to recover and to do so as well. Romina was pulled out, a twenty years older man from her village had spoken of love and marriage, but Ashrafis family was against the connection. As the Iranian police picked up the Couple after five days on the run, begging Romina Ashrafi, not to become a father brought home, they have a fear of their violent reaction. And with good reason.

Much is going wrong in the legal system

the fate of The girl moves in the long-gone inhabitants in Talesh, about 420 km from Tehran, a remote town on the Caspian sea, from which the family originates. National Iranian media seized on the case this week, and printed a picture of the teenager on their front pages, where you by Photoshop the keck on the back of the head-seated veil of the girl a little further in the direction of the forehead is extended and the Jeans over her ankles. Soon, international media reported, in Farsi, as in English-speaking Internet for the Name of Romina Ashrafi to the much-quoted impact is become a word. Because their fate combines a lot of the self, in the view of conservative Iranians are going wrong in the legal system of the Islamic Republic.

The 35-Year-old Romina Ashrafi to burn had, you must not fear the consequences of being persuaded: A marriage with a girl or a young people in Iran is the exception – the average marriage age is 23 – but from the age of 13 years are legal. That Romina did not have to fear as a woman, but by their family, the consequences, had no idea you only themselves, but also the officials would be able to know: Although there are no reliable statistics on murder cases in Iran, due to the seemingly injured family honor is to be restored.

perpetrators to be mild

punished, Some Arab media (the track, however, a clear anti-Iranian line), quote the statement of a high police officer in 2014, after a fifth of all murder cases in the country, so-called honour killings. The perpetrator also contributes well to the vibration – fined by the usually mild: Romina’s father, Reza Ashrafi, who now sits in custody, is likely to expect a prison sentence of between three and ten years. The principle of retribution, the killers in Iran, the death penalty, or a high blood imposed on money, does not apply in the case because the perpetrator and the victim of the same family to belong to.

Reza Pahlavi, the U.S.-exiled son of the 1979 Islamic Revolution ousted Shah of Persia, took advantage of the case for an attack on the religious character of the Iranian system of government. “Laws, domestic violence, honour killings, child abuse and marriage allow you to have in the 21st century. Century nothing,” he wrote on Twitter. “The solution is the return to secular law.”

The President intervenes

not only the exile opposition, even the political-religious Establishment of the Islamic Republic, action is now required: President, Hassan Rouhani, is not only a lawyer, but also a Shiite legal scholar, has instructed on Wednesday the Cabinet, to introduce legal reforms, the violence in the name of the supposed family honor is stronger sanction.

For years, drafts are circulating in the ministries and committees of the Parliament, its implementation was delayed until today – perhaps out of indifference, perhaps of some Conservatives, from a political intention.

Vice-President Masumeh Ebtekar, for women and families, said that they hope that harsher penalties may soon enter into force. And announced that the judiciary will examine the current case in a special court – the Name of Romina Ashrafi could be in the legal history of the country to the much-quoted catchphrase.

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