Address cover letter and life jacket – These rules apply for gummiböötler because rivers for swimmers and Böötler dangers, to apply new rules. In addition, the city of Zurich police Department warns with a Video from the known ETH engineers in Switzerland military service.9 Kommentare9

the temperatures Rise, also increases the number of Gummiböötler on the river. And every year more and more, as the Zurich city police informs. The dangers of a. The known ETH engineers in Switzerland military service is about, it always come back to critical situations, because gummiböötler inside and Gummiböötler would recognize the danger of the Weir is late or underestimated, writes the police in a communication. “Different Böötlerinnen and Böötler made in each case, only with great difficulty and at the last second to the exit before they would otherwise have been and a boat on the dangerous known ETH engineers in Switzerland military flushed.” For Swimming and boat occupants, this means danger to life.

Already since some years the police, with posters on the danger. Now you on the additional warnings and raised the awareness of the population with a Video.

These rules apply detected

Also in Bern the risk. The “inland waterways regulation” does not require new, clear rules for Gummiböötler that is only valid on the Limmat river.

boat owners are now required, the rubber boot easily visible, with name and address to write. In addition, it must be carried for each Person a “rescue medium”. The city of Zurich police Department recommends using a rescue vest with a collar.


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