The Christmas bonus is exceptional assistance granted each year to the most deprived people. Its aim is to give them the means to cover the costs linked to the end of year celebrations. According to Capital, this year, the first payments began on December 15, 2023, benefiting more than 2.3 million people.

However, at the time of writing, some eligible beneficiaries have not yet received this much-awaited aid. Be aware that this could be due to several factors. What are the causes of the delay in the Christmas bonus? Also, if after a certain waiting period and nothing happens, what should we do? We will explain everything to you.

In principle, the exceptional Christmas bonus is paid from December 15 for people who received, in November 2023, either the RSA (Active solidarity income), the ASS (Specific solidarity allowance) or the AER (Retirement equivalent allowance). This one-off assistance is paid directly into your bank account. However, on its dedicated page, the CAF (Family Allowance Fund) warns beneficiaries of a possible delay between the date of payment and that of arrival in the bank account.

“Depending on your bank, there may be up to 8 working days before the payment is posted to your bank account,” warns the organization, i.e. until December 23. The family allowance fund also specifies, for the RSA paid by the CAF or the MSA (Agricultural Social Mutual) or for the ASS or AER granted by Pôle emploi, that if you have been a beneficiary of this aid since December 2023, the end-of-year bonus will be deferred until January 2024. So don’t worry!