The beginning of this year 2023 has been tumultuous to say the least. And this is not about to change: indeed, the mobilizations against the pension reform in particular will probably continue and will gain further momentum as the timetable for the adoption of the text materializes. Once March 26 has passed, trade unionists and the opposition will certainly continue to express their dissatisfaction, but the mobilizations will be less vehement because the text will most likely be well and truly passed.

From another perspective, which could also generate a stir in public opinion, we find the loss of purchasing power. It continues to be undermined and the stretching out over time of this situation makes it all the more complicated for a large number of precarious households or those in the process of becoming so.

The evolution of the health situation also implies new changes in terms and conditions related to Covid. Indeed, less than 16,000 patients are currently hospitalized, a number in very clear decline when it reached 25,000 at the end of December, as reported by our colleagues from franceinfo. Good news, therefore, which should reassure people in this uncertain context.

Finally, the long-awaited anti-inflation basket promised by the government and aimed at mitigating the dizzying rise in prices in supermarkets will unfortunately not yet be put in place in February. Indeed, it will be necessary to wait until March to be able to benefit from this device, which will then be made accessible to all French people.

Find below all the changes planned for the coming month.