This Tuesday, January 31, the Ministry of the Interior published an analysis of insecurity and crime in France in 2022. Overall, this study conducted by the statistical service of this same ministry, the SSMI, notes an increase in crime compared to the previous year.

According to the SSMI, the pandemic is the cause of the observed phenomenon. Indeed, during the years preceding the health crisis linked to Covid, there was an increase in recorded delinquency from one year to the next. A trend that was interrupted in particular by the successive confinements of the years 2020 and 2021: we would therefore see a resumption of this increase in 2022.

Burglaries seem to correspond particularly to this observation, given that the permanent occupation of housing during the confinements was logically very dissuasive with regard to attempted break-ins. In 2020, the number of recorded burglaries had indeed decreased by 20%. For 2022, the analysis finds, on the contrary, an increase of almost 11% in these thefts without violence across the whole of France.

Among the category of thefts without violence, only thefts of accessories on vehicles saw their frequency drop compared to 2021. All forms of delinquency combined, it is unfortunately intra-family violence that has increased the most: the recorded increase is at almost 17%. Finally, the only crime category that has decreased in 2022 is violent theft, the frequency of which has decreased by 4%, a slow but relatively constant decline since 2013.

The departments in which the number of burglaries recorded for the past year have increased the most are, consequently, those in which the inhabitants are potentially most at risk in 2023. Find below the 23 departments in which the number burglaries increased by more than 22.6%.