Karine Le Marchand meets new singles. This Monday January 30 was broadcast season 18 of Love is in the meadow on M6. A first episode, split into two parts, during which more than 3 million viewers on average got to know the farmers of the 2023 edition, according to Médiamétrie.

Among the 14 singles (11 men and 3 women) of the new season of Love is in the meadow, the favorite host of the French Karine Le Marchand met seven hearts to take. During this first evening, fans of the program met Christine, a dog and cat breeder from New Aquitaine. Dean of the season, the blond, tattooed and endearing sexagenarian is determined to find a soul mate.

“I am ready to open a new chapter in my life”, explains in her portrait this bubbly farmer, mother of three grown children and grandmother of four grandchildren. At just 17, Christine married her first love. But, while she lives with her husband, who is not inclined to show affection, she finds comfort in her large canine breeding. After 40 years of love, the farmer decides to leave her husband for another man.

An unexpected love at first sight for Christine, as she explained to Karine Le Marchand last night on M6. “I said to my ex-husband: ‘I’m leaving you for another man'”, declared the sixty-year-old who left everything for love to join her new companion in the Center. “We got along really well. He was madly in love with me […] We got up in the morning in each other’s arms, and we went for a walk with the dogs in the forest”, she explains in the pictures below.

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This idyll, however, ended after only eight months of relationship. A terrible disappointment for the breeder of Beaucerons, affected by the disease caused by “the ankylosing spondylitis gene”. Despite this difficult ordeal, she found a smile again thanks to animals, especially with her passion for wolves. An animal tattooed on his skin, but also wallpapered on the walls and furniture of his house.

With her colorful personality, Christine seems to catch the attention of viewers. And, who knows, his next love? Before finding him Prince Charming, some Internet users had fun finding improbable look-alikes, such as host Christine Bravo and singer Patrick Juvet. You be the judge in pictures!