Genk / Gent –

the Two Liverpool fans have missed out on Wednesday’s Champions League victory of their team against Genk, because they are directed to the Gent had traveled. “We found it suspicious that there are so few fans left early. do they have to tell their story to the BBC.

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Rob is from London, and Lee, from Leicester, spent more than $ 200 on tickets, and wedstrijdkaartjes into the final match of their favourite team, Liverpool, and at Genk in… the city of Ghent.

“it was suspected that when we arrived, we’re not fans of Liverpool, and saw the” does Rob tell his story to the BBC. “When we got about an hour before kick-off, the food at the restaurant, so we told one of the waiters, who are a Gent, a fan was that we played them. “No, you are not” , ” he said, and that was when we made our mistake realised. We had a couple of beers are drunk, so driving was not possible any more. And even if we were in the taxi were blown, we would have had a 150 miles, not in time to be able to overcome it. We also have the game, but watched it in an Irish Pub with a bunch of lovely people, and we really enjoyed it.”

When the AA Gent and the story is told of the fact, came, called, the Buffalo, the duo is straight out of the Europa League match tonight against Germany. The two had, however, sat night back in the uk, and thanked for the honor, but they have to be in a range accepted as a VIP guest in January, a match of AA Gent will be along to help you… first division soccer team KRC Genk.

two of the fans, let them through the entire event, not act as a deterrent for the future the international travel to Liverpool to do with it, “But next time, let someone else make travel arrangements to make.”

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