you can use the “Is all of gruun”app will be able to Ghent, cyclists, you have until 15 november to help in order to collect data on waiting times at traffic lights. In the Park, vrije universiteit brussel, VITO and iKnow so many people that the information and data to identify the traffic lights need to be adjusted. The Cyclists point out that cyclists have too long to wait at the traffic lights ‘ as a very annoying and fietsonvriendelijk experience”. By the traffic lights to allow the flow of riding, and the riding comfort can be improved, what it sounds like.

Also, the city council and the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) say they are very interested in the outcome of the investigation. “The cyclists will be exposed to the weather and the wind,” says The vessels of the Mobility Filip Watteeuw (Green). “The car did not suffer from this problem. We hope that this research will have the comfort and convenience of the cyclists, in order to increase, and as more and more people on the bike to get it.”

the Flemish minister for Mobility and Lydia Peeters (Open Vld) said that the data on the waiting times of the Ghent-based cyclists, “we are more able to feed in order to gain more insight into the belevingsgedrag for cycling in the city”.

After the november 15, the trial ended. The waiting time for all cyclists is to be collected on-line, on a map, on which to live, to see which of the lights in Ghent, and the majority of it is great. The analysis of the data will follow after the conclusion of the test period.

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