Torhout –

In the West of Flanders, Torhout, a 500-odd friends, family members, and friends for a silent vigil held in front of the home of the missing duikerskoppel Kurt Huberecht, and She Fiers. Dozens of candles cast their flakkerend a light on in the countless photos of the happy couple. On Tuesday, the search for the pair terminated.

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the . That’s magic, Kurt, “Katana” Huberecht, and his girlfriend, She Fiers very happy to seen it was in Torhout, has proven to be the 500 attendees at the silent vigil Tuesday night for their home in the Ruddervoordestraat.

City of sadness

Friends and family, and fell together, gasping, in the arms, as the flowers were laid and candles arose with a photo of the missing couple. Music by the band of Dust, in which She sang it, it was interspersed with the poignant lyrics of the loved ones.

“in Their warm nest, where we are now is a place of grief has become”, she said. We’ve said our mind, not our heart, we hope, will still be a miracle.”

From hope to sorrow.

Kurt, (53) and his girlfriend Natalie (36) went missing on Sunday during a dive at a ship wreck in the North sea. With that trip, they wanted to have their two-year-old get together to celebrate. However, this party had turned out to be a nightmare. Search for the two continued, without result, so in the hope of a miracle becoming a place ment for mourning the dead.

“We’re here because we’re hoping that Kurt was still a magic trick, it will out, and that we have the singing voice of Natalie even want to hear about it. Defeated, powerless, and at the same time be grateful to because of Kurt and be There until the very last minute, and for each other”, of the boxing. This was followed by a wave of support, and pats on the back for the parents and the children, She and Kurt. He, and the nine-year-old son, Kurt, was supported by soldiers at a football club, KM Torhout. There is also a text to be read out of A Guinea, will also be a magician and be the best friend of Kurt’s. “My little girl, and Kurt’s son were born on the same day,” says Gunther, who, yesterday in Antwerp, belgium and came down. “Ever since that day we have always been the best of friends have been to. During the past summer, there’s lots of work for not a lot. For this, we went the next week to make it up. But it doesn’t have to be there.”

anyone Who wanted to could take a message, writing in a book, and in the end were the white balloons released as a symbol of the last glimmer of hope.

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