Since 1984, actor Gérard Lanvin has had happy days with his wife Chantal Benoist, a former disco singer known as Jennifer. Together, they became parents of two children: Manu Lanvin and Léo Lanvin. This is the Camping star’s second marriage.

Gérard Lanvin had said “yes” to his companion, a certain Dominique Quilichini. In 1977, the couple met singer Renaud. It’s love at first sight between Dominique and the interpreter of Mistral Gagnant. In the emission of Sophie Davant on Radio M, the actor had evoked their rupture. “My story with Renaud is quite easy. For me, he was the poet of a generation, I adored Renaud and I love him very much, he confided and added: “He met Dominique who was my wife at the time, they fell in love with each other but that never bothered me. I was married very young, I stayed ten years with Dominique and who had a happy life with Renaud”, he confided.

The artist’s brother, David Séchan, also confided in this idyll in the documentary Renaud, broadcast in 2019 on W9. “It was a long time. She was a little hesitant, she still loved Gérard but their couple was a little floundering. It took some time to make up her mind.”

In 1980, Renaud married his new companion Dominique Quilichini with whom he later had Lolita Séchan. It was also at this time that the artist was inspired by his wife’s ex-husband to create the character of “Gérard Lambert”. “And The Adventures of Gérard Lambert is that he fantasized about my life as a suburbanite at the time that Dominique told him,” explained the comedian of Angélique.

What about their current relationship? The two stars seem to have remained on good terms. At the microphone of Sud Radio in March 2022, Gérard Lanvin had mentioned his friendship with the artist. “We have emotional together (…) He is not necessarily in an available state, nevertheless, he invited me to his 70th birthday (…) I’m going to go, because au- beyond the stage fright that it implies, there is a love story with Renaud, for me”, he explained.