The Linky meter still has a number of detractors. However, it still finds its place in homes and is now present in the vast majority of French homes.

In recent times, with the rise in the cost of energy and in particular electricity, some households are tempted to opt for tips that would reduce their bills without reducing their consumption.

Thus, this price increase can make fraud tempting. However, Enedis is particularly vigilant on this point and the penalties could be severe. According to Le Lynx, two penalties would be provided by the company.

Anyone who has benefited from a fraud will first have to pay the adjustment bill for unpaid consumption, which can quickly become steep.

Then, the fraudsters will also be forced to pay a “sworn agent package” in the amount of 456.18 euros, for the intervention of the Enedis technician who came to see the fraud.

These two reasons should be enough to deter all potential fraudsters who would like to save money. However, the note can get even saltier.

Indeed, the electricity distributor can also choose to initiate criminal proceedings against the persons responsible for the fraud. Thus, a complaint for “energy theft” can be filed, which can result in a penalty of up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Thus, some tricks that might be tempting had better not be implemented as it is very rare to successfully slip through the cracks. Find out which ones in our slideshow.