Covid-19: the departments where the second recall is at its lowest


The beginnings of a ninth wave? Covid-19 contaminations started to rise again in the middle of November, after a three-week lull on the epidemic front. According to the latest figures from Public Health France, the average incidence rate is now 433 per 100,000 inhabitants in France, an increase of 41% in one week and there are nearly 50,000 new cases per day. Hospitalizations are also on the rise, as are critical care admissions.

For the various infectiologists questioned in recent days in the media, there is no doubt that the ninth wave has started in France. If it is impossible to know its extent in advance, certain elements really do not play in our favor: the drop in temperatures favors the circulation of the virus, the French no longer wear the mask and, above all, the fragile people are far away. for responding to the call for the second booster dose.

Asked about France 2 Monday, November 28 in the Télématin program, the president of Covars Brigitte Autran recalled that only “eight million people have made the second reminder” since the beginning of the year. According to the public health agency, 8.6% of French people aged 60 to 79 have actually received this new dose. Too low a level, while the threat of a new variant hangs over France. On this subject, Brigitte Autran explained: “There is a new variant which is invading the whole world, which will be dominant in a few days and whose epidemic potential we do not yet know very well here, in France, where our country is slightly vaccinated”.

According to data published by Santé Publique France, as of November 27, 11.5% of French people had received two booster doses. In about thirty departments, this figure is below the average and the appeal launched by Brigitte Autran directly concerns the inhabitants of these territories.