Great white shark off Hawaii: A beautiful, gentle giant


    a huge White shark divers encountered off the coast of Hawaii and have made fascinating recordings of the imposing animal. The approximately six-metre-long shark females suddenly appeared, as the other sharks off the island of Oahu, the carcass of a sperm whale ate, how Pro-Diver Ocean Ramsey on Thursday the newspaper “Honolulu Star Adviser,” said. She referred to the dreaded predator as a “gentle giant”.

    As the great White shark had surfaced, the to the carcass significantly smaller tiger sharks gathered searched the Wide, said shark expert and activist Ramsey of the newspaper. The huge females have rubbed then on the boat the diver.

    “it was just a big, beautiful, gentle giant who wanted to use our boat as a scratching post,” said Ramsey. The divers swam the day with the great White shark and made stunning photos of the animal.

    Ramsey estimated the age of the shark to be at least 50 years, and the weight to two and a half tons. The White shark was “shockingly broad” and possibly pregnant, she said. The young White sharks grow in eggs, these remain to Hatch in the body of the mother.

    The female had Similarities with “Deep Blue”, a female that is considered to be the largest yet strengthened its rules and great White shark. About you was filmed a few years ago, a documentary, and it has its own Twitter Account. She was last spotted in the vicinity of the island of Guadelupe, off the West coast of Mexico.

    In the waters around the American state of Hawaii, White sharks are sighted rarely, because the animals, the water is actually warm.

    the White sharks, which are called in the technical language of Carcharodon charcharias, belong to the cartilage fish, and can be seven meters long. With their razor-sharp Teeth, you can also kill people. The fear of the predators was stoked with Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “jaws” from 1975.