She is about to say goodbye to the seventh art. Artist Line Renaud, who turns 95 this Sunday, July 2, 2023, has announced that she is ending her acting career. In an interview with RTL, the nonagenarian explained the reasons for her choice.

“You shouldn’t do something against your will,” the star and godmother of Johnny Hallyday told journalist Steven Bellery. “We mustn’t make the film too much. So there won’t be the film too much”. For the famous figure from the north of France: “Cinema is over, but not life. Cinema is not life”.

For her last role, Line Renaud would like to tell the film of her life on the big screen. “I’m going to make another film, maybe with Dominique Besnehard, where I’ll play Line Renaud. It’ll be a story about magazines. And it’s going to be called ‘Ca c’est Paris’. So I’ll play my part” , explains the actress seen in her series Ten percent. A final work retracing the journey of this singing star and magazine leader between France and the United States.

Line Renaud is also a committed woman full of convictions. Ambassador of Sidaction, activist for the right to die with dignity, the one who was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor also brings her fights to the screen. She will soon play on France 2 in Le Prochain voyage, a poignant TV movie directed by Thierry Binisti.

The true story of a couple, Jacqueline and Richard, who loved each other until the end of their lives. Before dying together in 2013, in a room at the Lutétia hotel where they once spent their wedding night. “Why let people suffer when you know it’s over?”, Confides, to the Parisian, the one who gives the answer to the actor Jean Sorel on the set. “We have to help them leave, that’s why I’m making this film”, before concluding. “This film can move things forward.”

After nearly 80 years of career, the actress, singer and wife of Loulou Gasté remains a popular icon with the French. Many spectators remember a film (or a role) with Line Renaud. Planet looks back on five defining works of his career.