Who will succeed the Alsatian municipality of Bergheim? This Friday, June 30, the 12th edition of the Favorite Village of the French is broadcast, organized by France 3 and France Bleu. Presented by Stéphane Bern, the competition highlights each year the municipalities that make the beauty of France and the Overseas.

For several weeks, the 14 villages chosen, representing an entire region of France, are campaigning to attract the favor of voters. And, nothing is left to chance to seduce the public. “We try to show villages that are pleasant, peaceful, where you want to live or walk there”, admitted Silvia Drumond, the producer of the show, for Planet in June 2020.

A national competition where even the inhabitants play the game, ready to do anything to defend their commune. “It’s a bit like the Miss France village competition”, joked the officiating producer for Morgane Production, reached by telephone. This event is a big spotlight for the villages in competition, in order to attract tourism for short and long stays during school or summer holidays.

From Monday February 20 to Friday March 10, millions of viewers and Internet users campaigned to defend the colors of their village. Before discovering the first images of the competition and the name of the winner this evening, Planet returns to the list of the 14 municipalities in the running for the title of the favorite Village of the French 2023. The selection in the slideshow below.