Lies pack: Demo against Diesel-driving bans in Stuttgart


of About 1200 people demonstrated in Stuttgart on Saturday against Diesel-driving bans. Traffic problems did not exist, police said. At two previous demonstrations, the driving ban, opponents had taken to the city centre, near the main transport axis B14 in the vicinity of a road intersection, which is considered to be one of the dirtiest in Germany. This time, the participants met on a place.

“We had to relocate due to the receipt of certain parties,” said organizer Ioannis Sakkaros. The AfD and the Association of the centre of automotive’d want to take advantage of the protests, it said. “We remain a citizens’ movement, and impartially,” said Sakkaros. At the first rally two weeks ago, came according to the police, nearly 250 people.

The Demonstration, on Saturday remained peaceful, the police said. The participants criticized the green led baden-w├╝rttemberg Ministry of transport and referred to on posters of politicians as “lying pack” and the driving ban as “expropriation”. Many wore yellow safety vests. In France, formed with the so-called “yellow West” a mass Protest against the reform policies of President Emmanuel Macron.