Re-opening of the house of literature – The culture is not sleeping mehrAm Limmatquai opened in a former Shoe store a temporary levy place
for the soul of medicine: Welcome to the literature of pharmacy. Isabel Hemmel0 comment once a Shoe shop, now the literature of pharmacy: The premises on the corner of market lane.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The Zurich-based literary house has slept. It did not, however, could not do otherwise, like so many other institutions also. Now, however, is where the fear of the Virus is slightly smaller and the freedom is greater to become upset in the house on the Limmatquai to live again. In normal operation, is not yet thinking, but you want to bring the written word under the crisis-ridden people. “Also, because literature can make the world a little bit healthier,” says Gesa Schneider.

Together with their Team, the head of the house of literature has called the “literary pharmacy” to life. In the former Shoe store on the corner of market street, which also belongs to the Museum society, they have created, together with the Scenographer of Ortreport a prominent art space. Here between the healing promise books and the mirrored objects will be read and discussed, people can come back together, and with literature in contact.

The house of literature to life Here and soon it can be discussed and read.Photo: Urs Jaudas

the 30 people in the Interior place, all the others can connect from outside of the store, and at selected events via live stream and, only a few large show-window separately, to the action part. Also because you come here maybe just a random dream cutter of a spontaneous, temporary meeting place, to the finally, a physical exchange between people can take place.

Cognac and texts on the recipe

At the 8. June opening. Together with the Neumarkt theatre and the Cabaret Voltaire, it will usher in the short rest of the season with a literary-performative walk through the lower village and make it clear that Sleep longer than is necessary for any type of cultural institution is not an Option. From 19 to 23 o’clock, there will be theatre, music, Performances, literature, art, and Cognac. The audience is invited to walk from house to house.

In the literature in the pharmacy write on opening night, Julia Weber, Gianna Molinari and Ulrike Ulrich from the collective “literature for what is happening” in their typewritten texts on contract or on prescription. After that, find to and with 28. June daily events. During the week over lunch, respectively, is administered to a “literary high” doses. Says: Actresses and actors read texts that are important to you. It can go from time to time also to disease in the narrower or in a broader sense. We are finally in a pharmacy.

Set up with the help of Scenographer: Mirrored objects in the visible space.Urs Jaudas

There is deepening, for example, Miriam Japp in Gertrude Stein (10.6.), Thomas Sarbacher in John Cheever (18.6.), Lara Körte in Friedrich Glauser (19.6.) and Delia Mayer in Gottfried Keller (24.6.). Each of the afternoon, then
a Zurich-based literary publishing house recorded the pharmacy is permitted, what pleases. It was also a platform, says Schneider, who in recent months has, of necessity, little visible. In the evening, a sofa reading, a concert or regular events from before the big sleep planned house of literature program are held on time.

cutter itself is on Wednesday, 24.6., with the current Writer-in-Residence Maaza Mengiste a conversation about violence in language and photography. It will go from current events to the situation in the United States and, therefore, whether it is for the writer a curse or a blessing to have been able to because of the Virus is not in their home city of New York return.

Mo 8.6. to 28.6.
opening round: Mo 8.6., from 19 clock
literature-Apotheke, Limmatquai/Marktgasse
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