At the Old Church square, a game room, a pizza service, a sushi bar and a gold find purchase. Everything in black-and-white, half-timbered, around the Church, only the tower is still old. In the war it was destroyed, and in the post-war sober rebuilt. On the narrow side of the town hall, a Glockenspiel, an angle such as a scale, it is a great watch, also reminiscent of the times when sobriety was offered, and not everyone had a watch. Pedestrian zones eaten away the face of the city and you can look elsewhere. The square at the town hall, and desolate, should be ready by now, still boring. Else would be necessary, especially a new use for the former military airfield of the British, but this is beyond the powers of the city. After all, there is a name that everyone knows. Bertelsmann – the Name brings out Gütersloh from the Limbo of unknown places, such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Würth, Künzelsau, Germany, Bayer Leverkusen. A University, an Institution of great importance in Gütersloh. But not to forget, Bertelsmann, also Miele.

Kilometers on the road to printing house and publishing house management. It’s rare that anyone makes it to the foot. Far behind the train station, then the headquarters; facing it, a little more restrained, the Foundation. Their architecture is open, such as a Ministry, so there is no way around at the reception Desk because. On the lake there are beautiful walking trails, where people go out of the house very eagerly over. So it looks in the German province. On the device in an environment, the real Power is irradiated, as if she was right there on the spot, not in a self-reflective center, in Berlin or Munich, or such places as hot. With Gütersloh as a town, however, the Bertelsmann Foundation has little to do. Lately, however, she is concerned a little with her.

Gütersloh is one of the many German cities that entertain for a long time, a German-French twinning, with Châteauroux (Indre), a city that is similar to Gütersloh in many respects. In the study of “town-twinning for European citizenship”, which was presented by the Bertelsmann Foundation in January 2018, Gütersloh, and Châteauroux. It proves, empirically, what actually nobody doubts that cities, friendships have unpredictable useful and memorable consequences. Blank is just that the use of “social networks” could improve anything. To say this is the Foundation’s duty, as the reference to God in the Protestant Church. The value of the study diminishes, however, hardly.


The town of Châteauroux is located in the middle of France, on the edge, because the national policy deals with Paris and the Île-de-France and the Rest of the country. Unlike Gütersloh Châteauroux has an airport. A huge air force base lies fallow for half a century and is now used. For a relaxing dinner in Gütersloh, Germany under the two mayors were talking the other day about their flight seats. In Gütersloh In the British air force was stationed, while Chateauroux had the largest air force base of the Americans in Europe. Then De Gaulle pulled the emergency brake, which is proving to be a blessing. Because a few years ago, the city was able to purchase the decommissioned base by the French state for a symbolic amount. The only requirement is that you notify the sale or lease of the resulting profits with him, after deduction of the costs, of course.

As the mayor of Gütersloh sighed deeply. Because purchase could his city of the former military area the British already, but you would have to borrow for deep. The Federal government does not see it at all, to compensate the citizens of the city for seventy years of uncontrolled aircraft noise and urban strangulation generous, as the French state does, it is far-sighted. Highly indebted municipalities benefit no one, especially not the state that finally pays the bill. In Germany, the Federal government leaves it to the countries.