Before the match in Europa League between the two-time Italian soccer champion Lazio Roma and Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday to the much-feared riots. According to the Roman police for five Eintracht were taken Fans.

The Frankfurt supporters is alleged to be for riots in the vicinity of the Stadio Olympico responsible. You should have thrown, among other things, pop the body on Lazio Fans. It had been also injured. Clashes between the Roman and the Hessian of the problem fans have also been reported from the vicinity of the Colosseum.

In terms of the game taken by the Roman police sharp for safety precautions. According to police, around 9000 Frankfurter Fans in Rome, including 400 Hooligans.

Eintracht language “travel warning”

From the stadium to be partially reported chaotic conditions, since many Eintracht supporters besiege without Tickets to the inputs. In addition, the personalized entry maps to the long clearance times.

In the days before the game, Eintracht-responsible for a “travel warning” issued. “In Rome there is a very cruel and strong from the extreme right area next group. As you have ban in the district“, had Eintracht President Peter Fischer said. He recalled the away game with Borussia Mönchengladbach in the year 2013, as three of Gladbach in Rome stabbed.