Continue its efforts. France escaped an orange Ecowatt alert on Monday, December 12, despite falling temperatures last weekend. The cold spell will continue over the next few days and the French will have to pay attention to their energy consumption. Twenty departments have been placed on extreme cold vigilance by Météo France for this Tuesday, December 13 and temperatures will remain negative or close to zero until the end of the week.

In these departments, you will have to pay attention to your electricity consumption, while the temperatures will be 5 to 6 degrees below normal for the season. Are there any risk of cuts this week? For the moment, the signal given by RTE remains green for the next few days, a sign that the network will not be under tension despite the weather. Good news which is explained by the restart of several nuclear reactors, which were until now under maintenance, specifies France Bleu.

Of the 56 reactors in the territory, 40 are currently producing electricity and a 41st should restart this week. A power of 40 gigawatts can thus be supplied to the country, enough to hold despite the cold of the next few days. As Liberation explains, the Ecowatt green signal is also made possible by the fact that France imports a lot more electricity, bought from Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and Benelux. Be careful, as RTE reminds us, it is still important to make efforts: “Any reduction in consumption will make it possible to preserve gas and hydroelectricity stocks”.

If this week is in the green, winter is still far from over and the network manager is still planning Ecowatt red days for the month of January. In the event of an announced power outage, will you have to restart your devices once the power has returned? Will your Linky meter need to be reset? Answer to these questions below.