Two days before the decisive vote in the lower house, the government is confident, however, that the outlet is assumed to be agreement with Brussels. After in addition to the opposition parties also have more than a hundred Tory members voted against the “Deal” is pronounced, would have to be done by Tuesday, a political miracle that was yet to come, a majority in favour of Theresa may’s draft contract.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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The weekend was therefore discussed in London two things: What happens after a defeat of the government? Or the Prime Minister will postpone the vote at the last Minute? Trusted by May are said to have come after discussions with the Labour Party to the conclusion, that in the event of a defeat of a second Referendum would have the best chances of getting a majority in the lower house.

a point of contention in Northern Ireland

Recently, one got the impression that as an Alternative, only the “Norway plus”model, majority would be capable of, so Britain’s accession to the European free trade Association. The former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson saw again on Sunday, a majority in Parliament for the present exit agreement, if the so-called “backstop” adjusted, the catch-all solution for Northern Ireland. But the vote would be postponed.

The catch-all solution for Northern Ireland, justified the majority of the objections to Mays Deal. According to the “Sunday Times” May convince you that you can win the vote, only, if you have not previously created a “handbag moment”. So as Margaret Thatcher in 1984, thrown her purse on the table in Brussels and “my money back” required, should, May, the EU excuses the “backstop”. To achieve a limit on the catch-all solution or an exit mechanism, which can alone be of London set in motion.