as for The redundant staff at Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, asks for clarity on a potential go-around to be a part of the staff. The curators asked me, after the bankruptcy, until the next Friday is the time to plan for the future, but the unions are getting a lot of questions from the approximately 500 members of staff, some of which are available.

The trustees will give Wednesday any additional information about the ongoing negotiations with potential buyers. After all the Uk financial holding company, on the bottle it was gone, there came four Belgian subsidiaries will be in trouble.


Last Monday, fell off of the lint-free cloth and the largest employer, the Thomas Cook Retail Belgium. That had 501 employees, and 91 in the offices of the travel shops, Thomas Cook/Neckermann across the country. The board of management, as to which there is an interest of tour operators, hoteliers, and investors in the country and abroad, both in whole as well as specific activities of the organisation.

The curators chose to put that conversation to continue, and asked me to Friday, in order to provide for a partial acquisition, if necessary, with retention of employment.

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it’s a person who is eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, you must be there no later than Wednesday, to register at the local unemployment office. “A lot of people are on standby and will have their projects had not yet started,” says Els De Coster of the FEDERATION.

The trade unions ask that the staff be informed that the trustees are practical explanations for a possible meeting.

The three remaining Belgian-owned subsidiaries of the British party had already been declared bankrupt.

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