Humor against Virus-crisis – Laughing in Corona-times – a result of 12Einkaufen, cuddle, go to school For almost everything, there are during the pandemic, a solution. And now, we know who has won the Eurovision Song Contest. Andreas Tobler0 comments”Yes, a litre of milk and a loaf of bread, thank you.” 1. Clarification

It was in the last weeks a lot of criticism. To the measures of the Federal government, to Covid19 (found we have in common) and the great humanists DJ Antoine. Just to be clear: If so will continue to gripe, we need to change anything in principle:

2. Democracy is an alien

It is now gespöttelt a lot about conspiracy theorists, cross-frontists and the other Spinner. Okay, but if you are, then please at the appropriate Humor level. Shows how to use the Josef Hader – as a conspiracy theorist who has powerful enemies, not only in the masons, the masons. He also knows, because: “democracy is a foreigner”.

“Almost every hundred years, the population is replaced completely. And we look there and leave us like that!” (Josef Hader/ Facebook)

3. Coincidence?

other of the great Conspiracies of our time on the trail. Bern seems to play a Central role:

4. To ask big questions

generally, you should not be afraid, now, questions.

5. Experts at the Limit

in the face of eight million virologists and statistics professionals, the question of whether it takes even experts, of course, also in Switzerland. The interview came in the last few days and weeks anyway, often to its limits. The shows, though for quite different reasons, by the following extract from an Interview with the infection, researchers Michael Meyer-Hermann, which has led to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

6. A return to normality

visit to a restaurant, school, garden center: After weeks of lock downs, we return to normality. And suddenly a huge Sensation:

Thus, a return must of course be well prepared. Also, and especially if you have school-age children. How to do it properly, shows the following Video from Manuel Burkart:

7. So embrace

While we are excluded, since already at the hairdressers, in the Restaurant and at least once a day in the garden center, are members of the at-risk group still of much comes. This must not be, because ultimately it is for the most a solution:

8. Unfortunately for Gotham City

the solution there, obviously, for much of what is due to the Virus now new or different. But not for everything. Because there are also limits – for aesthetic reasons:

9. Radicalization of the classical

The majority of people are reasonable and follow the rules and regulations of the governments – with the exception of a few radical minorities. Including the classical, as in the following Graffiti from the Berlin shows:

10. Showtime

And the animals? Trying to still come up with the new Situation, that their master and mistress are now very often at home. Although some Pets is your Chance to have detected and to mutate now Rampensäuen:

terms and Others, such as the delivery services works – without the need to change their eating habits fundamentally:

Bonus: ESC

The Eurovision Song Contest was canceled this year. For the first time in its history. But the winners are still: Daði Freyr from Iceland. Remember, there are the following Home-made Video of OJ Clarke, no doubt.

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