Security laws for Hong Kong – The U.S. is criticizing China’s Hong Kong Policy the government in Beijing has laws decided that the special status of the metropolis of questioning. The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo speaks of “arbitrariness”. cam/sda0 comment Beijing has decided to tougher security laws for Hong Kong. Then it is in the Hong Kong Parliament to come to fisticuffs. Representatives of democratic parties have been discharged. Photo: Reuters

The U.S. government has kick China’s planned imposition of restrictive security laws for Hong Kong as a “death” for the far-reaching autonomy of the metropolis referred to.

The United States condemned the planned “unilateral and arbitrary” to Impose such laws, said foreign Minister Mike Pompeo on Friday. The US called on China to reconsider the “devastating proposals” again, and to stick instead to the international agreements to Hong Kong’s special status, autonomy, citizens are guaranteed rights and democratic institutions, it said. “Hong Kong has flourished as a Bastion of freedom,” said Pompeo.

A draft decision of the Chinese people’s Congress that started on Friday in Beijing for its annual meeting, provides for the imposition of new security laws for Hong Kong. The project is controversial, because of the people’s Congress would handle the Parliament of the Chinese special administrative region. Critics see this as a massive attack on the principle of “one country, two systems”, after the former British crown colony since the return to China in 1997, largely autonomously managed.

Pompeo warned that the imposition of restrictive security laws will also have an impact on whether the United States Hong Kong granted to continue to have a special status. If the United States should treat Hong Kong in the future, simply as a part of China, could result in significant disadvantages for the businesses and citizens of the metropolis.

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