La Poste: the 8 new features that await you by the end of the year


La Poste said on Wednesday that it would soon initiate the “renovation” component of its investment plan. The total budget for this plan is 800 million euros, of which 500 million will be reserved for renovation. In addition to the modernization of its subsidiaries, the French company wishes to open more post offices: by the end of the year, 10 are expected, a figure which widens to 70 by 2024, according to BFM Business.

This dynamic of expanding the number of contact points has already been in effect for a long time. Indeed, La Poste had 10,000 10 years ago, compared to almost 17,000 today! The objective is to reach 35,000 “service points” by 2025: this includes pick-up points, lockers, municipal postal agencies, post-trade relays and finally post offices, of course.

The company already embodies the first local network in France, according to Yahoo. The very first French post office was created during the reign of Louis XI in 1476, and was then called the “horse post”. In 1995, the company’s communication campaign played the card of going back to basics: we could see a young woman on a bicycle, against the background music of La Bicyclette by Yves Montand.

Today, an about-face at the level of the group’s strategy, which tends towards modernization. La Poste has also, over the years, multiplied its services, expanding well beyond the mail service with which it is instinctively associated. Their site offers moving services, home help for seniors, and advice on quitting smoking.

Find below all the innovative new features that will be waiting for you in your post offices by the end of the year.