Another raise? School canteen prices had already been increased by 4% for this year 2022-2023… And the sector is calling for a further increase of 7% to cope with inflation, reports Midi Libre . So it’s not easy to enroll children in the refectory, especially when they aren’t necessarily attracted by the menu…

In any case, this is what a study by the association Consumption Housing and Living Environment (CLCV) reveals, indicates the magazine Advantages. Indeed, for 67.2% of middle and high school students, it is a forced passage and an imposed choice. Still according to the study, 28.4% of primary students and even worse, 52.5% of secondary students are still hungry when they leave.

Although, since 2018, the Agriculture and Food law provides for better ingredients. 50% of the products must thus be sustainable or under the sign of origin and quality, including at least 20% organic, explains Le Parisien. However, will this be enough to reconnect the French with the school canteen?

Although the days of the school canteen are over, certain dishes offered at the self-service restaurant continue to haunt our palates. Both the flavors could sometimes put off or leave you in ecstasy, when our favorite dishes were served.

However, the cantinières concocted nothing but classics of French cuisine. To discover them, or rather to remember them, Planet has produced the slideshow below. It lists what we could prepare for you at the national education catering service, according to Elle à Table. Ready ? To your plates!