An essential figure of humor in the PAF. However, Anne Depetrini began her career in the media world after obtaining her master’s degree in business school, as her presentation on Radio France indicates. Journalist for Le Revenu français, she took her first steps on television on M6 in 1996.

It is in the role of Miss Weather on Canal that Anne Depetrini gained notoriety in La Grande Famille. Then, she hosted Another Journal with Philippe Gildas in the early 2000s. At the same time, the host and columnist officiated on several TV channels, while playing on stage at the theater in 2006. On the cinema side, the actress plays in several films (Seuls Two, Dépression et des potes, La Clinique de l’amour, Les Affamés, etc.) and also went behind the camera as a director (Il reste du ham? L’école est fini) in the 2010s.

For two seasons, Anne Depetrini has also joined the team of Yann Barthès where she shines with humor in Daily life on TMC. Each week, the actress recounts her real life as a mother, drawing inspiration from current affairs to produce her chronicles. A humorous pastille that brings a smile to more than a million faithful in front of their television.

A life of a daronne who could sometimes draw inspiration from her own existence. On the heart side, Anne Depetrini shared the life of comedian Ramzy Bedia for several years. Their meeting was orchestrated in Cannes in the 1990s thanks to a famous animator. “Nagui was the one who introduced us and that’s it”, she assures Jordan De Luxe in her show for Télé-Loisirs in May 2022, and to admit that Éric Judor’s sidekick had a crush on it for her. “He made me understand it discreetly, as Ramzy knows how to do”, continuing. “We exchanged numbers. He didn’t do incredible things to me, he made me come to the set of H, he was shooting H at the time”.

From their relationship, Anne Depetrini and Ramzy Bedia had two daughters, Ella and Ava. If the family seems happy, the celebrity got the better of their couple. “It happened at a time when he was exploding and me, it was the end of Canal. After the birth of my first daughter in 2002, I stopped working”, admits the fifty-year-old who suffered from the popularity of his companion. “It was a little more complicated for my ego at times, because I was no longer on TV. And he really has an impressive notoriety”.

Faced with this situation, “it was complicated to exist” for Anne Depetrini. “I never had a delirious notoriety because Canal was encrypted. And, already that, I had trouble ingesting it”, concedes the star who separated from the father of his daughters in 2011. “It’s not notoriety that kills a couple. It ends when it has to end”.

Despite their separation, Anne Depetrini and Ramzy Bedia remained on good terms for their two children. In the pages of Télé Star, the columnist poured out her role as a protective mother. “They grew up with the rise of social networks,” the star of Daily told the magazine. “We parents find it difficult to follow as best they can. I tried to keep them away from the violence there. I checked that they were not being harassed. But in same time, you shouldn’t be too intrusive. I see that today, they are at peace. They have found their way. They know what to expect when they read such and such a comment”.

Active on social networks, Anne Depetrini also takes the opportunity to reveal her daily life to her 15,200 subscribers on Instagram. Between filming, holidays and idleness, this mother is more than ever connected to the web. The proof with a selection of his most beautiful photos.