A documentary not to be missed. This Thursday, September 16, 2022, France 3 has decided to put Jane Birkin in the spotlight. The latter, known for her talents behind the microphones as well as in front of the cameras, has a particularly remarkable career, as Planet has already been able to explain. She was a singer, but also an actress, screenwriter and director. The daughter of an actress herself, she made her theater debut when she was only 17 years old. She then plays in England, in The Knack… and how to get it, by Richard Lester. Later, underlines L’Internaute, she is particularly noticed in Graham Greene, Passion Flower Hotel or Blow-Up.

The interpreter of Je t’aime… moi non plus therefore had, it seems, the opportunity to accumulate a relatively large, albeit discreet, heritage during his professional career. There was a time, explains Gala, she is indeed the owner of several residences, one in Paris and the other in Brittany. Both, it is clear, are quite well known. The first, informs AD magazine, was located in the 6th arrondissement where the price per square meter is estimated at 15,113 € on average, according to Meilleurs Agents. It was a small house, “legendary” according to our colleagues, that she lived in for about ten years, in the 1990s. Without knowing its size, it is difficult to estimate its value.

Jane Birkin’s other home, the Prat ar Coum manor, is on the north bank of the Aber, in Brittany. This Norman-style property has since been sold, said the English singer who remains very discreet about her finances, even though she explained that she had earned enough money with Claude Zidi’s films. “I was able to buy my own house in Normandy, where we went as often as possible so as not to suffer from Serge’s regulations! Rue de Verneuil was still like living in an art gallery. While in Cresseveuille, it was a wild life, in the small presbytery where the children were free all day, as I had been with my brother and my sister on the Isle of Wight. We needed this valve, the rue de Verneuil was too suffocating…”, she affirmed for Paris Match.

A way for her to detach herself from some of her property, after the death of her eldest. “I sold the house in Paris, the house in Brittany. I do my concerts, I move… You have to empty and I try to keep everything. I’m nostalgic for what I’m leaving when I only wanted that. I am transitioning. I feel floating”, explained, five years earlier, the Franco-British star who disappeared at 76, this Sunday July 16, 2023.

If the latter potentially had the opportunity to live a life of relative luxury in her youth, when she shared that of Serge Gainsbourg, known in particular for his “extravagant taxi notes” or his “tip with several zeros” recalls BFMTV , the inheritance left was essentially composed of royalties, divided between the four children of the singer.