If the woonbonus want to score, they need to be the best. For those who are in november or december, the purchase of a property, there is a risk of two times to lose.

in Order to determine whether or not you will still have the right to be in the woonbonus, the date of the leningakte. Draw the leningakte at the latest by 31 december 2019 at the latest by the notary public, then you will enjoy the Flemish woonbonus. As of January 1, 2020 expires, the woonbonus a tax benefit, which has a term of 20 years, more than 16,000 euros, suitable for a single person, and double that amount for a couple.

as For the removal of the woonbonus to compensate for the fees on any property as of January 1 will be reduced from 7 to 6 per cent. But to get there, right, to, the date of the sale and purchase agreement with the compromise, ” in the vernacular.

SEE ALSO. This means the abolition of woonbonus in front of you: everyone loses, the couples in the most (+)

If, in november or december, the purchase of a property, there is a risk in turn of losing it. Who, then, is a compromise, it is signed, it does not are entitled to this reduced registration fee. The woonbonus you will get the sale, and the relevant mortgage deed, in good time, around the lost. As a notary, is normally for two to three months to get all of the formalities necessary in order to make it.

those Who own a home to purchase, there is no need to worry. The federal woonbonus – officially known as the federal reduction in the long – term savings- remains (for now) and also after the 1st of January of existence. The registration fees for a property will remain the same. That’s at a rate of 10 per cent.

No transition

the minister of Housing, Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) was on Friday, know that there will be no transition period for the elimination of the woonbonus. That is until, much to the dismay of the opposition party, the SP.A: “yes, There are certainly reasons to get the system to reform it, but this precipitation makes only a mess. In the chamber, the immomakelaars, and the banks,” says a Flemish member of Parliament, It Veys.
More about the Woonbonus Bouwunie asks a transition period of one year to abandon the woonbonus civil law Notaries provide reports on woonbonus take precedence over any other act, No woonbonus on a first home, or even for a second, This means the abolition woonbonus in front of you: everyone loses, the couples with the most