Isabelle Huppert at the Angoulême Festival: what does she look like today?


The famous actress Isabelle Huppert is the mother of three children: Lolita Chammah, who became an actress in her turn, Lorenzo and Angelo, all from her relationship with director and producer Ronald Chammah. It is also the latter who directed him in the film Milan noir, released in 1988.

In an interview with our colleagues at Gala, his son Lorenzo spoke of his most normal childhood: “I didn’t feel like my mother had a different life from other mothers”, he explained and continued: “I never had the feeling of a separate status, probably because she protected us a lot, she normalized our environment, therefore, we had a life comparable to those of our classmates”.

With his mother, a mythical actress of French cinema, and his father, a producer, Lorenzo was rocked during his childhood by many very popular cinematographic works: “When we were children, the bedside films at home were Mary Poppins, the Chaplin movies and my favorite The Kid and The Bicycle Thief, you could watch them over and over again,” he added. A passion of her parents for the cinema which undoubtedly influenced Lolita Chammah. The daughter of Isabelle Huppert had given him the reply in 1988 in A women’s affair, directed by Claude Chabrol. In 2010, the mother and the daughter once again gave the reply in the feature film Copacabana then in 2017 in Barrage.

Planet invites you to discover in our slideshow what Isabelle Huppert looks like today.