These are celebrities with dog! Outside the film sets, these stars are masters and mistresses who take great care of their pets. Bichon, Bulldog, Poodle and Malinois, they overflow with affection and love on a daily basis. As evidenced by their photos that they post for their fans on social media.

Some television stars are also committed to the animal cause, such as Karine Ferri. “When I was little, I had more dogs than cats. But today, I have no preference because I love all animals, whatever they are!”, Confided the owner of Labradors , Dolmen and Bella, near Wamiz. In 2020, the host participated in their solidarity campaign to encourage adoption.

The occasion also for the wife of Yoann Gourcuff to evoke his memories with the animals. “When I was a student, while my girlfriends were babysitting, I was dogsitting! I kept animals in the absence of their owners, but I had to stop because I could no longer return the dogs because I got too attached to them. My love of animals is really my Achilles’ heel”.

A canine love that Sophie Davant also shares. After the death of her dog DJette in 2018, the host of Affaire concluded had adopted a Havanese named Raoul. “You will see, he will become a mascot of the show. Viewers will discover him on the air at the beginning of next year!”, She assured in Télé 2 weeks in 2020. Two years later, this new companion seems to have made his mark on his mistress’s set.

On the occasion of World Dog Day, this Friday August 26, we invite you to discover the 10 dogs of stars that will make you fall in love… And, they are too cute.