Invasion in Manbij: Syrian Kurds ask Assad for help against Turkey


The American military has objected to the information from Damascus that the Syrian army had invaded the Northern Syrian city of Manbij. The American-led coalition have no signs of a military change of leadership in Manbij, said the spokesman of the Central command, Earl Brown, on Friday in Washington.

A Syrian army spokesman had earlier announced on state television, the Syrian troops were marched in Manbij and have hoisted the Syrian national flag, in order to stabilize the area in the case of an imminent Offensive by the Turkey. The General command of the army announced on Friday that the troops of their obligation to fulfill, the state sovereignty on the entire Syrian territory.

a Syrian army spokesman said after the invasion in Manbij, the military would crush “terrorism, and all the invaders and occupiers defeat”. It would be the first Time in six years that Syrian armed were forces in the 30 kilometers from the Turkish border distant city. The Syrian national flag had been hoisted, said an army spokesman in the Syrian state television.

withdrawal could take several months

The Region in the North of Syria controlled by the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG), the close allies of the United States in the fight against the “Islamic state” (IS). However, in the last week, the us President, Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of American forces from Syria, because he sees the IS as largely defeated.

observers estimate that, to attack Turkey, is thereby facilitated. According to a report by the American television channel ABC, the deduction of the 2000 American soldiers could take several months.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had already threatened several times with an Offensive against the YPG, this last week, but postponed once. The Kurdish militia is afraid of but apparently that could change the situation soon. The Turkish army reinforced recently its troop presence on the Syrian border. The Ankara-supported Syrian rebel groups in turn sent additional fighters to Manbij.

A request of the YPG

Prior to the laying of the Syrian troops had asked the YPG, the government in Damascus to help. “We invite the Syrian government troops to take control of the areas that we have deprived them of, in particular, from Manbij, and to defend these areas against a Turkish Invasion,” it said in a statement, the Kurdish people’s defense units. The Turkish defense Ministry said on Friday, the Syrian Kurds have “the right” to get assistance from Damascus.