The return of good weather is often accompanied by that of the barbecue. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining, these are good reasons to get together. So why not take the opportunity to light it up? Fun time guaranteed! Barbecue aficionados will tell you that it is not so easy to succeed, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Here are Planet’s three editorial rules of thumb to ensure you get nothing but compliments on the meat you generously grill.

First advice and not least: choose the right equipment. It all depends of course on the space you have on your balcony, your terrace or in your garden. The price is also an important question, because there are barbecues at all prices, from the simplest entry-level to the most elaborate model. The most essential thing is, actually, having the right size barbecue for what you want to do.

A portable electric model, which sits directly on a table, will be able to cook fewer things than a standing charcoal barbecue. It will have less power and less space. If you only have a small model of barbecue, do not offer 15 types of meat to your guests, otherwise you will spend your evening chaining orders, without even enjoying it. Better a little well-cooked meat than lots of cold cuts, right?

Once you have chosen your equipment, you still need to know how to use it correctly. If you have an electric or gas barbecue, this advice does not apply to you, but for those who prefer charcoal models, we advise you to wait until your embers are greyish before putting your meat to cook. There is therefore no point in rushing to cook it as quickly as possible.

By starting to cook your food too soon, you risk burning it. Everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait, do not forget.

Our last tip seems a bit expected at first glance, but you’ll see it’s not at all. To make your barbecue a success, do not install your equipment just anywhere! Above all, favor stable ground, which is not sloping and, above all, sheltered from the wind. We let you imagine the damage if a gust of wind suddenly hit your barbecue… In a garden or on a terrace, sit far from your plants and flowers, far from any flammable object. For your guests’ comfort, don’t put the barbecue in front of them, even if it means you’ll enjoy their company less. Of course, for safety, also put it out of reach of children and animals.