There are, however, approaches to a Russian Orthodox liberation theology. You must, of course, a little searching in the vast Russian-speaking space, where the Patriarchate Church to the right Hand of an authoritarian state, and where believers, through aggressive Attacks against perceived dissenters was the talk of the. But then, you find at its Western edge in the reactionary-ruled Belarus in the village Michanowitschi close to the capital, Minsk, the priests, and popular video blogger Alexander Kuchta, the answers in Youtube posts, under the title of “father” (Batjuschka otvetit) the Christian message in the witty language of the Internet generation, recycling and at the age of 25 years, the Post of Deputy head of the Synodal Department for mission in Belarus.

father Alexander, who wanted to be a computer scientist before he was ordained a priest, discovered Christian motifs in the Harry Potter novels, the ultra-Orthodox as a satanic denounce, tells of the positive role that could particularly play the Catholic Church in political crises. A Russian journalist, he said, recently, its, like, too simple, unspirituelle expression rebuked, held the “fathers”, Jesus himself had always expressed simply, and the Orthodox Church language is de facto a Slang for a handful of Insiders.

Alexander Kuchta sermon in the network, but also a white Russian with Russian subtitles –, but seeks less a national emancipation within the Orthodox Church, like the one currently in the neighboring country of Ukraine. The man of God finds it unacceptable that his own Christianity with the idea of a strong state power, to equate, as many Russians do, and is glad the white Russian clergy were, on the whole more educated and tolerant than their Russian colleagues. Nevertheless, the white Russians loyal to the Moscow Patriarch Kirill. The Russian Orthodoxy was “egregious,” the soul of a fisherman, but everything else is worse. Nevertheless, he praised during a visit to the southern Russian Krasnodar in this month, the “healthy competition” of the Catholic Church.