In the wildlife Park Knüll in the North Hessian town of Homberg (Efze), there is a bright excitement because of runaway wolves. One of the two escapees had been on Friday evening for safety reasons in the Park shot. A second animal had but escaped from the premises, informed the Park on the Internet. The Wolf had been sighted witnesses, according to eye last updated on Sunday, in Homberg-Hülsa. “For people not in immediate danger, according to the assessment of the Park management, but under the circumstances, he (the Wolf) less Shy,” said the Park’s management.

Schwalm-Eder-Kreis took over on Monday Informing the Public. Circle spokesman Stefan citizens said: “A refugee wolf is to be get hold of, is probably difficult. The prospects of success are difficult to assess.“

wolves dug under the fence

According to the wildlife Park, the wolves were gotten out on Friday from their enclosure. You dug under an electronic fence, as the citizens explained on request. A short time later, they overcame in an unknown way a second fence that surrounds the entire wolf system as a backup ring. Thus, they were in the Park. Since the plant was closed at the time but for visitors, there was no danger to guests. To anesthetize “the Wolf with a tranquilizer shot from up close, unfortunately, was not possible,” said a citizen.

for reasons of operational safety have to be traded. That’s why the Wolf had been shot. “Because in the Park free running Wild was already restless. We couldn’t risk that turmoil in troubled flocks, race against the fences, may be on the streets and endanger yourself or others,“ said a citizen. In the fenced-in Park, red deer, fallow and ROE deer run around.

The Park is currently busy, the causes for the Escape of the wolves. “There is a documentation of the inspections of the enclosures. But currently, I can to the question of who, what and when checked, nothing yet to say. There are daily visual inspections of the area. The fence of the wolf enclosure will be reviewed once per week for an inspection,“ said a citizen. Currently, the broken fences in the Park were repaired and reinforced. The Park is open in the winter months, only on weekends for visitors. Earlier, several media had reported about the incident.

Another event in the wildlife Park

For the wild Park, it is not the first case of runaway wolves. Already in February of last year, two of the wolves had escaped from an enclosure. You have but you can entice with feed back and locked up again, and informed the circle. The wolf pack in the wild Park stock last from ten animals, minus the two outliers, there are only eight.

Already late on Saturday evening, Park in Homberg have been spotted, according to the wild-Hülsa wolf-like animals. Further information from the environment were from the hamlets of box, and grebe, Hagen Herget to come. If it was, in fact, the escaped Wolf, is unclear. “In such sightings, there is a high error rate,” said a citizen. The wildlife Park recommends: “In sightings, you should keep your distance and calm of the animal to remove. Dogs should remain leashed.“