In an article published on Sunday April 23 by the newspaper “Le Parisien”, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron takes stock of his start to his second term.

While his first year of the second five-year term began under several controversies, of which the pension reform with the use of 49-3 is mainly a part, Emmanuel Macron met this Friday, April 21, in the ambassadors’ lounge, with eleven readers of Le Parisien to answer their questions and take stock.

Several topics were discussed in addition to the pension reform, such as food inflation, universal national service (SNU), immigration, or the popularity rating of Marine Le Pen.

While Emmanuel Macron qualifies them as “incivility”, pot concerts are again scheduled for this Monday, April 24, at 8 p.m., in front of the town halls of several French cities.

“In one year, Macron has made us lose two”, declared Attac for the newspaper “Sud Ouest”, about the pension reform and mainly the postponement of the retirement age to 64 instead of 62 years old.

But then what to remember from these two and a half hours of discussions? We list his statements in our slideshow: