The weekend of April 22, 2023 was marked by thunderstorms which affected a majority of French territory. This Monday, April 24, Météo France does not expect any improvement. Indeed, a yellow storm alert is again planned. Find in our slideshow below the departments affected by this alert.

Gilles Matrico, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo, evokes a week with “variable and changing weather”. How to explain this difficult passage in the spring? France is currently crossed by an anticyclone coming from Morocco which is heading towards the south of France. “Disturbances descending from the British Isles and Scandinavia to the central Mediterranean” also influence the climate on French territory.

“It is therefore a slightly disturbed weather which is expected under the freshness in the north while in the south, it will be more and more mild under a progressively brighter sky” concludes Gilles Matrico. Nevertheless, for the mildness of spring to arrive in the majority of departments, it will be necessary to wait some time. Indeed, this Monday, April 24, a still very unstable weather is expected. 18 departments will be affected by bad weather. Find out in our slideshow below if your department is placed on yellow storm alert.

This yellow storm alert indicates that it is necessary to be attentive to this disturbance which will mainly affect the north and east of the country. For the south-west, which experienced its first temperature increases the week of April 17, “the conditions are hesitant with some residual showers south of the Garonne”. Finally, the sky will be clearer around the Mediterranean with a fairly strong wind.

Check out our slideshow below to find out if you’ll need to keep your umbrella on for a while longer.