Telecomwaakhond INSTITUTE is calling for consumers and enterprises to better control, or radio-controlled devices, for example, a wireless headset, or an automatic garage door – you do the right testing to have. “Otherwise the danger will soon be your garage door to open when you have your headphones.” The INSTITUTE took due note of this and last year, tens of thousands of devices in the attachment of such a malfunction.

in December, it pakjestijd. However, the Belgian telecomwaakhond INSTITUTE is calling for vigilance. Their inspectors were at this last year, tens of thousands of devices – often from east Asia, because they have the radio waves to send “harmful interference,” said INSTITUTE spokesman Jimmy Smedts.

the Concrete use of those devices with a cheap drone, for example, or a telegeleid speelgoedautootje radio frequencies that, in Europe, have been reserved for other devices. “Or, they can send a very high power from it.” The effects are the same, and be able to do it in your house, do ghosts, such as the garage door, which will open each time you use, for example, to your wireless headphones or a mobile phone connection that is interrupted when the young son of his drone, a release to take off”, according to Smedts.

and He insists that it is not exceptional, it is. A few weeks ago, I saw in a Brussels warehouse, more than 10000 devices have been seized, including the harmless-looking wireless doorbells. They have the potential to be the mobile traffic to interfere “in some extreme cases, even the radio traffic of the emergency services.”

Cheap phone

The non-existing, and often very cheap devices will come from China, where different arrangements exist regarding the frequencies to be used, and is not always very high labotesten to be carried out in order to verify that the radio equipment does not interfere with other devices.”

the Well-functioning of the equipment, you will be identified by the CE logo on it.

The INSTITUTE conducts with the press and international distributors, as well as on a well-known online shops and electronic shops, this piece of equipment is no longer in Belgium, to distribute the material. And that’s what’s happening through the judicial process, in collaboration with the customs, were the inspectors of the previous year in the Belgian ports, and more than 40,000 for equipment for which the radio equipment is not compliant it was. There were also about 1,300 aircraft will be intercepted through pakjesdiensten they were on their way to the Belgian customers.

this year, there are already more than 10,000 devices will be blocked. On average, each and every day to make the BIPT, the inspectors draw up a report in respect of the sale of the equipment with non-approved equipment.

Smedts: “in View of the technological developments we are only at the beginning stages of a massive growth in the numbers of the radio, or wireless, the functioning of the devices. It is important, therefore, that we now approach it, for we will be setting up with a complete mess to deal with.”

Consumers will be able to well-functioning set of appliances to be identified by the CE logo on the product packaging and also to have the declaration of conformity should be included.

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