John McCallum has served his country for almost 20 years. As Ambassador to China, he sat on one of Canada’s most important Items. But on Saturday, he lost that. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had asked McCallum “to his resignation and accepted”. This word choice is significant. You disguised that the 68-year-old Diplomat was fired.

McCallum is a size in Trudeaus Liberal party. He was a Cabinet Minister for defence and immigration. He’s still so rude of the office, raises a number of questions, the canadian government has not replied to the chief. It is speculated now, if McCallum had to go because going it Alone against the government. Or because he acted in their behalf.

The removal of the Ambassador is the first visible action of the canadian Prime Minister in the crisis, with China, which has been bubbling for several weeks. There are three Canadians sit currently in custody, which apparently is a tit-for-tat for the arrest of the powerful Chinese Manager Meng Wanzhou in Canada. The canadian police had executed a warrant of the United States. The throw of the chief financial officer of the group, Huawei, international institutions cheated. At the beginning of December, she was discharged at the airport in Vancouver. A simple request for assistance process, the canadian Ministry of foreign Affairs knowledge.

China condemns Canadians to death

China, however, sees this as an attack and responded promptly with the arrest of businessman Michael Spavor, and former diplomat Michael Korvig. The government is accused of harmful conduct. In addition, China has condemned the canadian Robert Schellenberg for drug smuggling to the death. Trudeau acts in this case helpless. His usual diplomatic, vague comments are not enough for many Canadians. He said that he was going to make the Chinese side clearly, “that Canada’s government is on the ground of the Law, and so also is.”