it’s been a dozen days that Christophe Brault spends his days in a parisian studio with Haruki Murakami, the most famous novelists modern japanese. A face-to-face intimate although at a distance, with the phrasing, the rhythm, the words, the last novel of the author of the trilogy 1Q84. At the foot of the butte Montmartre, the actor will record the audio version of the new novel-the river (1 000 pages in two volumes) of the writer, The Murder of the commander, published in Japan at the end of February and available in French since the beginning of October at Belfond. In a month, the novel will be downloadable in MP3 format, and will join the catalog of Lizzie, the new brand dedicated to audio books in the group Editis.

turn to a pair of ears “as if it were unique”

theater Actor, voice for several radio dramas, broken to the public readings, Christophe Brault is installed in a small cabin window, headphones on the ears, the pages of the manuscript deposited in front of him on a desk. The stamp is captivating the narrator immerses the listener in the head of the main character, a young painter out of inspiration. “You don’t have to question the auditor or interpret the text, so as not to disturb the imagination, and the projections personal to the one who is listening to you,” he says. One of the difficulties is to get people in a story, using your voice, while being careful to ensure that the latter doesn’t take the top to the detriment of the book. “

Its ability to borrow from a multiplicity of tones, essential to differentiate the characters during the reading, but also in his manner of address “to a pair of ears as if it were unique” has won over the researchers voice Hey You Get on My Cloud, the company responsible for the registration of the work. One year on, the production of audio books on behalf of publishers has exploded and is today…