Rather, residents and Altonaern threatens the neighbourhood, that they must leave their vehicles hundreds of metres away from your apartment, despite the badge! Because The number of parts of the city registered Cars apparently exceeds the sum of the public Parking areas.

According to statistics, around 5300 cars in St. Pauli and Altona are registered in old town. Admittedly, This number applies to the entire parts of the city – the main residential areas are in the new zone. From the Senate in response to a Parliamentary question by Dennis Thering (CDU) now that there are only 4100 public Parking.

“Because of the displeasure of the local residents is completely understandable,” says Thering. Already now, six weeks after the introduction of the Parking zone, issued by the competent country of operation, traffic (TCAS) 3485 Park passes to private individuals, 26 applications are currently being tested. “A maximum limit for the issue of residents Parking is not identity,” writes the Senate in his reply. However, every resident get a Parking permit for a to him as the holder, certified or demonstrably durable used vehicle.

“in Spite of identity, there is no claim to a Parking space,” says Thomas Adrian from the TCAS. An Online survey of the country of operation, has, meanwhile, revealed that only three-quarters of St. Pauli and Altona-Altstadt registered vehicles standing there. “You are reported, but partly somewhere else, for example, if the car is registered to the parents, the children live elsewhere,” says Adrian. He does not expect a space-Problem, refers also to private Park.

critics counter, however, that the TCA has not taken into account in its Deliberations visitors-Parker. “We are calling in especially densely populated areas, which suffer from significant Parking pressure to build quarters, garages,” says Dennis Gladiator of the CDU. With this Form of Park space other cities have already achieved great success.

This article was written by Mike Schlink

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