Although furniture tip-overs are decreasing, they still cause injury to thousands of Americans each year.


In 2020, nearly 18,000 Americans went to the emergency room in the U.S. for injuries from furniture, TVs or other appliances that had fallen on them.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report Thursday showing that 581 Americans have died from tip-over accidents since 2000. The deaths of four in five were children.

Despite the fact that there has been a decline in product instability-related deaths and injuries, thousands of people still suffer injuries each year and many die as a result. “We are pleased to see the gradual decline in tip-over injuries. In a statement, Alex Hoehn Saric, Chair of the Commission, stated that every year, thousands of children are injured and many more die from this hazard. “People don’t know the risks or think it can’t occur when an adult is near them.

Furniture and household items that aren’t secured have been known for years to be dangerous if they tip. The commission stated that furniture with an unsecure design, or furniture placed on a slippery surface such as carpet or a sloped floor, are more likely to tip over. Tip-overs are particularly dangerous for children.

Ikea, a Swedish furniture company, paid $46 million last year to the family of a 2-year old boy from California who died when a dresser belonging to Ikea fell on him. The legislation passed the House of Representatives and was also introduced in the Senate.

Hoehn Saric claims that most anti-tip over kits that allow you to secure furniture to a wall are less expensive than $20 and can usually be installed in under 20 minutes.

Anchor It! campaign was launched by the commission in 2015. The Anchor It! campaign was launched by the commission in 2015. This campaign emphasized the importance of attaching furniture to the wall, and provided instructions on how to do so.