On the weekend snows. The “blunt” (O-Ton Central German broadcasting) Jörg tile man, our all-weather, voice of the Pope, who is soon to Saxony returns home and the male Part in the “Riverboat” takes over, and meteorology philosophical yet not so much thought of. But that can change quickly. As soon as the first tweets on the winter front from the cold wave and the same season Agitator was possibly as heat waves-to detect, is’s over with silence in the weather channel.

it’s Not the heat, the dryness was the Katatstrophe this year, for the famous weather Inquisitor with the many nicknames for the incontrovertible truth of this year. Therefore, we should not rejoice prematurely in the snow, if only freezing rain, vulgo: mud weather, it is to be expected. The society for the German language, leaning to the extent already pretty far out of the window, as she has named the undisputed beautiful and creative word creation, “hot time” for word of the year. Franz Alt, the first Dalai Lama in the solar sector, had used it in 1992. That old word creation in language, of all places, in the year of the historic “earth summit” of Rio in the linguistic review of the year by the Association ignored was that among the ten nominees, at the time, at all, not a single ecologically relevant term showed up, but everything at the time of political apathy and xenophobia superimposed had been this carelessness is just a excuse so reasonably, that the language-society could not at the time, still googling. Today is different, of course.

the frequency is not to be critical, rather, the “social significance” (the linguistic Depth of focus of the jury voritzenden Peter Schlobinski not disarming?), but about 130,000 hits for “hot time” and before the freestyle to the word of the year, the Jury was very remarkable. For a Bergiff, the most for a prescriber is that right Yes. The ice age is not the hot time, but, quite to the contrary,

The hot time from Potsdam

the fact is:”hot time” has since this year a scientific Foundation. In the climate debate – here, the tile is again man-sharpness asked, therefore: it is not about the weather and hot days, but about the climate – broke the “hot time” this year with all the behind the suspected catastrophe is a stunner. In the English Original, a PNAS publication of the Potsdam force the climate Pope Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, is the hot time, by the way, not “Hot times” or “Hot period”, so to speak, as geophysical superlative to the warm-up time, or between the warm period we live in at the time, rather, of the “Hothouse Earth” speech from the super-greenhouse earth greenhouse.

super greenhouse wouldn’t have had many opportunities in the voice competition. Clumsy word formations have traditionally been more difficult, which is why last year, the original “Jamaican” and not about the political chaos was chosen. Hot time falls more in the category of “border of Light”, the celebrations for the 25 years passed four years ago, word of the year and similar unknown was how hot the time, but quite creative, the fall of the wall with the light installation of balloons over Berlin. During hot time it is also a question of a wall, namely the (geophysically more detail to be measured) border, behind the the whole the weather is just crap, and the nature, only a bunch of misery. Four or six degrees more than the planet are averaged, and not, as Environmentalists wanted, one and a half degree more. It would be the time, in the climate table is no more and the man of the good old ice age coming and the hot time slips using in an apocalyptic, completely unpredictable future.


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The “climate catastrophe” was years ago, by the way, is also already on the list of nominees for word creations. Mind you: Not as the word of the year, which previously objected to the ecological sensitivity of the voice jury rehabilitated in the future. It has made it to the impending, hypothetical hot time in a how to listen, unusually amicable, quick decision-making, and not the climate catastrophe is not likely to be just the refreshing Similarity to the ice age, or because you have a”bridge to one of the most serious global phenomena of the 21st century. Century“. No, the hot time, one could interpret the language philosophically in this respect, more offensively: as a climate policy challenge. As a response to the transuse diplomacy of Katowice. That the hot Phase has begun in the field of climate policy, at least for a long time, that us power will remain for some time technically only twelve years to slip into the irreversible Hot, how in the world the feast of the intergovernmental panel on climate change recently noted, all this speaks for a brave decision by the Wiesbaden-based language Council.